1: Classic tuna salad made with Greek yogurt and avocado on whole wheat bread.

2: Add diced apples and walnuts to your tuna salad for a delicious crunch.

3: Try a Mediterranean twist with tuna salad stuffed in a whole wheat pita.

4: Spice up your tuna salad with a hint of curry powder and serve on whole wheat toast.

5: Combine tuna salad with creamy hummus and serve on a toasted whole wheat bagel.

6: Opt for a refreshing tuna salad on whole wheat English muffins with sliced cucumbers.

7: Turn your tuna salad into a wrap with whole wheat tortillas and fresh spinach.

8: Mix leftover quinoa with tuna salad for a protein-packed whole wheat sandwich.

9: Enjoy a unique tuna salad slider on mini whole wheat buns for a quick breakfast option.