1: 1. Cleanse daily with a gentle facial cleanser. 2. Moisturize to keep skin hydrated and healthy.

2: 3. Protect your skin from the sun with SPF. 4. Keep your nails clean and trimmed.

3: 5. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day. 6. Change your pillowcase regularly to prevent breakouts.

4: 7. Wash your hair regularly and use conditioner. 8. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.

5: 9. Hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water. 10. Use a gentle scrub to prevent ingrown hairs.

6: 11. Avoid touching your face to prevent breakouts. 12. Wear clean underwear and change daily.

7: 13. Keep makeup brushes clean to prevent bacteria buildup. 14. Use a mild deodorant to stay fresh all day.

8: 15. Trim and shape your eyebrows for a polished look. 16. Wash your hands regularly to prevent germs.

9: 17. Stay physically active to promote overall health. 18. Get enough sleep for a fresh and glowing complexion.