1: Title: Introduction to the 7 Skin Method Content: Learn how the 7 Skin Method can transform your skin care routine for women over 30.

2: Title: Choosing the Right Toner Content: Discover the best toners for the 7 Skin Method to enhance hydration and nourishment.

3: Title: Prepping Your Skin Content: Prepare your skin by cleansing and patting it dry before starting the 7 Skin Method.

4: Title: Applying the First Layer Content: Gently pat on the first layer of toner to jumpstart the hydration process.

5: Title: Layering Up Content: Continue layering on toner, allowing each layer to fully absorb into the skin.

6: Title: Assessing Your Skin Content: Monitor your skin's hydration levels to determine how many layers are needed.

7: Title: Sealing in Moisture Content: Finish off the 7 Skin Method with a moisturizer or facial oil to lock in hydration.

8: Title: Achieving Radiant Skin Content: Experience glowing and supple skin with the 7 Skin Method for women over 30.

9: Title: Tips and Tricks Content: Customize the 7 Skin Method to suit your skin's needs and achieve optimal results.