1: Jon Stewart discusses Donald Trump's Gettysburg speech, likening it to a horse giving birth.

2: Stewart critiques Trump's speech as chaotic and incoherent, drawing bizarre comparisons.

3: The former Daily Show host humorously deconstructs Trump's melodramatic delivery style.

4: Stewart mocks Trump's attempts at historical references and high drama in the speech.

5: The comparison of Trump's speech to a horse giving birth highlights its awkwardness.

6: Stewart's comedic analysis sheds light on the absurdity of Trump's rhetoric at Gettysburg.

7: The Gettysburg speech becomes a subject of satire in Stewart's sharp-witted critique.

8: Stewart's ridicule of Trump's speech mirrors the public's disbelief at its absurdity.

9: In summary, Jon Stewart's comparison of Donald Trump's Gettysburg speech to a horse giving birth spotlights its nonsensical nature.