1: "Tom Selleck bids farewell as 'Blue Bloods' wraps up Season 14 on CBS. A legacy that will be remembered."

2: "Fans reflect on the journey of the Reagan family. Emotional moments leave lasting impact."

3: "CBS releases statement on the conclusion of 'Blue Bloods'. Thanking cast and crew for their dedication."

4: "Tom Selleck expresses gratitude for the support of loyal viewers. Legacy of 'Blue Bloods' lives on."

5: "Season 14 finale brings closure to beloved characters. Fans say goodbye with bittersweet emotions."

6: "Legacy of 'Blue Bloods' celebrated in final season. Impact on viewers and television industry highlighted."

7: "CBS executives share their thoughts on the iconic series. Ending on a high note."

8: "'Blue Bloods' cast members reminisce about their time on set. Memories to last a lifetime."

9: "Farewell to 'Blue Bloods' marks end of an era. Tom Selleck and CBS express gratitude for the journey."