1: The Grand Canyon, USA: A breathtaking natural wonder with colorful rock layers.

2: Uluru, Australia: A sacred red rock formation in the heart of the Outback.

3: The Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland: Hexagonal rock formations on the coast.

4: Stonehenge, England: Mysterious ancient rock structure with astronomical significance.

5: The Wave, USA: Unique sandstone rock formation in Arizona's Vermilion Cliffs.

6: Table Mountain, South Africa: Iconic flat-topped mountain with stunning rock formations.

7: Ayers Rock, Australia: Also known as Uluru, a massive sandstone rock formation.

8: Bryce Canyon, USA: A mesmerizing canyon with hoodoos and colorful rock formations.

9: The Twelve Apostles, Australia: Limestone rock stacks along the Great Ocean Road.