1: "Get ready to laugh with the 7 best family comedy movies you can stream today. From classics to new favorites, there's something for everyone."

2: "1. 'Despicable Me' - Follow the adventures of supervillain Gru and his lovable minions for a hilarious family movie night."

3: "2. 'The Incredibles' - Join the Parr family as they navigate life as superheroes in this action-packed and comedic animated film."

4: "3. 'Toy Story' - Watch Woody, Buzz, and the gang come to life in this heartwarming and funny adventure for all ages."

5: "4. 'Paddington' - Follow the lovable bear from Peru as he gets into all sorts of comical mischief in this charming family film."

6: "5. 'Shrek' - Join everyone's favorite ogre on a hilarious journey to rescue Princess Fiona in this modern fairy tale for all ages."

7: "6. 'The LEGO Movie' - Enter a world of creativity and laughs with this animated film about an ordinary LEGO construction worker turned hero."

8: "7. 'Finding Nemo' - Dive into an underwater adventure with Nemo and his friends as they search for the missing clownfish in this heartwarming tale."

9: "Gather the family and enjoy these 7 top family comedy movies that are guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter to your streaming queue."