1: Tom Selleck bids farewell as Blue Bloods concludes its run with Season 14. CBS announces the end of the beloved police drama.

2: Fans mourn the end of an era as Blue Bloods wraps up its final season. Tom Selleck thanks viewers for their support.

3: The legacy of Blue Bloods lives on as fans remember the beloved characters and gripping storylines. CBS reflects on the show's impact.

4: Tom Selleck expresses gratitude for his time on Blue Bloods and the memories created. CBS acknowledges the show's success and loyal fan base.

5: The conclusion of Blue Bloods marks the end of an era in television history. Tom Selleck and CBS issue a heartfelt statement to fans.

6: Viewers reflect on the legacy of Blue Bloods and its impact on the crime drama genre. Tom Selleck and CBS express pride in the show's accomplishments.

7: The final season of Blue Bloods leaves fans with a sense of nostalgia and appreciation. Tom Selleck's iconic portrayal of Frank Reagan will be remembered.

8: CBS bids farewell to Blue Bloods, acknowledging the show's influence and lasting legacy. Tom Selleck reflects on his time playing Commissioner Reagan.

9: As Blue Bloods comes to a close, fans honor the show's memorable characters and powerful storytelling. Tom Selleck and CBS express gratitude for the show's success.