1: 1. Dragon Ball Z shows animated fights 2. Naruto’s journey to becoming a ninja

2: 3. Sailor Moon's magical transformation 4. Neon Genesis Evangelion's dark mecha battles

3: 5. Cowboy Bebop's space bounty hunters 6. Akira's futuristic cyberpunk world

4: 7. Ghost in the Shell's cyborg investigations 8. Berserk's brutal medieval warfare

5: 9. Death Note's psychological mind games 10. Yu Yu Hakusho’s spirit detective adventures

6: 11. Fullmetal Alchemist's alchemical quests 12. One Piece's pirate treasure hunt

7: 13. Attack on Titan's titan battles 14. My Hero Academia's hero training

8: 15. Code Geass's political mecha warfare 16. Hunter x Hunter's intricate power system

9: 17. One Punch Man's unbeatable hero 18. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's unique stand battles These top 20 anime series have become classics in the genre, but due to changing societal standards, some of their themes and content may not be suitable for today's audience.