1: "The Undertaker on Custom Titles" Learn why The Undertaker prefers classic championships over custom designs.

2: "WWE Tradition vs. Customization" Explore why The Undertaker values the traditional look of WWE titles.

3: "Respecting Wrestling Icons" Discover why The Undertaker believes champions should honor wrestling history.

4: "Champion's Identity Through Titles" Understand how The Undertaker sees championship titles as symbols of greatness.

5: "WWE Legends' Influence" See how The Undertaker's views on custom titles are shaped by wrestling legends.

6: "Title Designs and Legacy" Learn why The Undertaker believes in upholding the legacy of WWE titles.

7: "Champion's Responsibility" Find out why The Undertaker believes champions should respect the history of the sport.

8: "Custom Titles in WWE" Explore why The Undertaker feels custom titles distract from wrestling tradition.

9: "The Undertaker's Final Word" Get The Undertaker's ultimate take on the importance of traditional WWE titles.